Groundwater Feasibility Evaluations

groundwaterfeasibilityDeveloping and permitting water supply capacity  can entail a substantial investment. The economic feasibility of each  water supply improvement usually is influenced (perhaps strongly) by hydrogeologic factors.

For example, the quantity and quality of the water can govern feasibility. Secondly, the ability to obtain the necessary permits and approvals can influence the pragmatism of an otherwise feasible approach.

Hydrogeologic Feasibility Considerations

Our groundwater feasibility evaluations stem from the applied hydrological sciences. For example, we use hydrologic balance evaluations to estimate the sustainability of groundwater supplies, even before wells are drilled.  We use this information to help guide well siting and  pumping test evaluations.

Preliminary screening evaluations help identify the most favorable options while de-emphasizing less feasible alternatives.  Not uncommonly, we weigh the pros, cons, benefits and costs of one or more of the following:


Water Supply Services

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